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"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of those that do evil, but because of those who watch it and let it happen."

{Albert Einstein}

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suspicious White Van INFORMATION

Please be on the look for for a suspicious van. It has been spotted several times near the Spectrum Elementary School. The  license plate number is B179JV.  It has been described as a white, old van with no windows, with rust on the side. One of our parents had notified local authorities, but we wanted everyone to be aware of the situation.

Please take this opportunity to talk about not getting into stranger's cars with your kids. Lets do  everything we can to keep everyone safe!


secgear said...

Child tracking devices is great when you have wondering kids. They can be put in backpacks and left there all day until pickup

TheWrongEnemy said...

Investigate the case of Johnny Gosch to find out how wrong this can go if you do not already know by this point.

I have white vans watching my house regularly as a result of many subjects I research including cases of organized pedophile rings abducting children. Keep your children safe and under your watch or another responsible adults watch.